Universitaetsklinikum Essen

Hufelandstraße 55

D-45147 Essen


Guide to the University Hospital



Public Transportation (Local and Long-Distance)

At certain times of the day, the parking lots and garages on and near the hospital grounds are filled to capacity. Thus, we recommend that patients and visitors arrive by public transportation. Essen University Hospital is centrally located and easily accessible by busses and light-rail trains. In the daytime, light-rail trains (U-Stadtbahn and Straßenbahn) operate every 10 minutes.



The U17 line runs from Berliner Platz (city) via Hauptbahnhof (central train station) to Margarthenhöhe - Holsterhauser Platz station.


The 106 trolley line (Straßenbahn) stops at the main entrance of the Hospital (stop: ?Klinikum?). The 106 line runs from Altenessen station via Essen Hauptbahnhof (central train station) to Helenenstrasse in Altendorf, and at times is extended to Bergeborbeck.

The busses 160/161 - stop: Klinikum - will take you to Borbeck and Stoppenberg.


Visitors and other guests will find a taxi stand next to the main entrance on Hufelandstraße. Patients have the option of calling a taxi from the gate (phone: 2617) or of asking the nursing staff to call a taxi company of their choice.


Transportation from Duesseldorf International Airport: Take a taxi or a train (S1, RE1, RE6, RE11) to Essen Hauptbahnhof (central train station) and continue on either U17 to "Holsterhauser Platz? station or trolley line 106 to its ?Klinikum? stop.

By car

Essen University Hospital is located about 1.3 miles southwest of the central train station in the Holsterhausen district. Inside the city, you will find signs guiding you to the hospital. Coming from out of town, you will reach the hospital via the following federal highways:


Exit Essen/Gladbeck

Heading toward Essen, turn right onto B 224. Follow the ?Universitätsklinikum? signs from the intersection of Gladbecker Strasse and Grillostrasse


Highway Intersection Essen-Nord

Turn onto B 224, Gladbecker Strasse, heading toward Essen. Follow the ?Universitätsklinikum? signs from the intersection of Gladbecker Strasse and Grillostrasse


Exit Essen-Holsterhausen/-Altendorf

If you are arriving from Dortmund, turn left. If you are coming from Duisburg, turn right. Follow the ?Universitätsklinikum? signs when leaving the exit ramp.


Exit Essen-Rüttenscheid

Follow the ?Universitätsklinikum? signs when leaving the exit ramp.



Parking is available in the parking garages near the main entrance on Hufelandstrasse and on Virchowstrasse. Parking fees apply. Gates are open around the clock. For the duration of your stay, you or your visitors may purchase weekly and monthly parking passes. Please inquire about current fees with the parking management or call +49 (0) 201-723-2617.


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Hufelandstraße 55
45147 Essen (Germany)