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Department of Radiotherapy

Prof. Dr. med. Martin Stuschke


Prof. Dr. med. Martin Stuschke





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Deputy Director:

Prof. Dr. med. Christoph Poettgen



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Facts and Figures

Patients with cancer of the bronchia and lungs: 430

Patients with secondary neoplasms: 300

Patients with uterine cancer: 100

High voltage radiation therapies: 9,000

Manufacture and adaptation of treatment aids for radiotherapy: 1,350

Brachytherapy with encapsulated radionuclides: 60


Focus areas

Radiotherapy of malignant tumors and benign disorders. One focus is on the multimodal interdisciplinary treatment of lung cancer, on the treatment of breast cancer patients in cooperation with the breast center, on the treatment of prostate cancer, of sarcomas, malignant lymphomas and pediatric tumors. Stereotactic radiotherapy for the targeted treatment of brain tumors is available. The latest technical equipment such as a tomotherapy unit for image-guided intensity-modulated radiotherapy is used in radiation treatments. Gated radiotherapy of lung tumors is done with other linear accelerators (linacs).

There are also an afterloading unit and telecobalt machines for total body radiation prior to bone marrow transplants. The Clinic for Radiotherapy is part of the Gastrointestinal Center and the Uni Breast Center.


Fields of Research

  • Radiation sensitivity and repair/resistance mechanisms of human tumor cells
  • Evaluation of image-guided radiotherapy in conjunction with dose escalation in 3D conforming radiotherapy
  • Inclusion of functional imaging technology (e.g., PET/CT) to improve target volume definition in 3D radiation planning


Number of patients

Inpatient: 1,560

Outpatient: 4,280



The clinic employs 18 physicians, including 13 specialists in radiological diagnostics, radiology, and radiotherapy; there are 25 nurses, 52% of whom have advanced specialized training in the clinics fields.