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Clinic for Nephrology

Prof. Dr. med. Andreas Kribben


Prof. Dr. med. Andreas Kribben




Andrea Gremm


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Deputy Director:


Prof. Dr. med. Oliver Witzke



Facts and Figures

Intermittent hemodialysis: 3,450

Continuous hemodialysis: 350

Liver replacement therapy: 250

Other extracorporeal therapy procedures: 500

Kidney transplants, including 33 living donor transplants: 200


Focus areas

Diagnosis and treatment of all kidney, hypertension, and autoimmune disorders. Liver transplants and concomitant disorders. All dialysis procedures and other extracorporeal procedures including liver dialysis. The latest and most effective dialysis procedures, peritoneal dialysis, hypertension disorders (arterial hypertension), severe collagenoses and vessel inflammation with and without involvement of the kidneys. Preparation and follow-up of kidney and pancreas transplant patients. Living donor kidney transplant, innovative procedures including cross-over N and ABO incompatible living donor renal transplants.


Special consultations

  • Kidney outpatient clinic
  • Kidney transplant outpatient clinic
  • Hypertension outpatient clinic
  • Peritoneal dialysis outpatient clinic
  • Genetic renal disorders outpatient clinic
  • Autoimmune outpatient clinic


Fields of Research

  • Acute kidney failure: early detection and treatment of acute kidney failure
  • Genetic kidney disorders: development and treatment of renal cystic disorders
  • Hypertension: causes, control, and treatment of severe hypertension
  • Kidney transplants: novel treatments following kidney transplants
  • Chronic kidney disorders: controlling disease progression
  • Dialysis: improvement of procedures for intermittent and continuous dialysis
  • Liver failure: novel liver dialysis procedures


Number of patients

Inpatient: 1,080

Outpatient: 8,530



The clinic employs 18 physicians, including 9 specialists in internal medicine, nephrology, hypertensiology, infectiology, and laboratory diagnostics. There are 56 nurses, 35% of whom have advanced specialized training in nephrology.