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Center for children and youth medicine

Clinic for Pediatrics II


Prof. Dr. med. Peter F. Hoyer




Monika Höhnke


+49 (0) 201-723-28 10


+49 (0) 201-723-59 47



Deputy Director:

PD Dr. med. Udo Vester


Facts and Figures

Patients with chronic renal impairment: 250

Individual and continuous dialysis procedures, inpatient: 250

Endoscopies of the upper and lower gastrointestinal tract: 250

Children with kidney and liver transplants: 32


Focus areas

Nephrology: congenital/acquired disorders of the kidneys, such as nephritis, nephrosis, congenital deformations of the kidney and the urinary tract. The largest pediatric dialysis unit in West Germany is part of the clinic.

Gastroenterology: Disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, liver disorders; rare diseases of the liver/the gastrointestinal tract/chronic inflammatory intestinal diseases.

Endocrinology: Endocrine disorders such as thyroid disease, growth disorders, disorders of puberty, adrenal genital syndrome (AGS), and diabetes mellitus.

Patients with terminal liver or kidney failure, preoperative care, postoperative inpatient and outpatient care of liver and kidney transplant patients.


Special consultations

  • Bladder control disorders
  • Diseases of kidneys and urinary tract
  • Patients with chronic kidney disease
  • Diseases of the liver and intestines
  • Outpatient transplant clinic
  • Endocrine and growth disorders; issues in transitioning to adult endocrinology


Fields of Research

  • Pharmacological therapy and immunosuppression following liver and kidney transplants, for glomerular nephritis, nephrotic syndrome (Epstein's syndrome)
  • Chimerism following organ transplants; 3 multicenter studies of chronic intestinal diseases; treatment/genetics
  • Application of pediatric liver replacement procedures
  • Growth disorders, Prader-Willi syndrome


Number of patients

Inpatient: 1,000

Outpatient: 5,300



The clinic employs 16 physicians including 11 specialists, 7 of whom specialize in pediatrics, dialysis, pediatric nephrology, 3 specialize in pediatric gastroenterology and pediatric endocrinology. There are 30 nurses, 25% of whom have advanced specialized training in the clinic's fields.