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A City within the City

The Ruhr Metropolis Hospital
This year, Essen University Hospital is celebrating a very special anniversary-100 years. Back in 1909, it took up its operation as the "Städtische Krankenanstalt" with only four clinics. Since then, the Hospital has continuously evolved, becoming a teaching hospital in 1963. As a maximum care hospital it is known today as the "Ruhr metropolis hospital". With 1,300 beds and 6,250 employees, Essen University Hospital treated 50,000 inpatients and 195,000 outpatients every year. With its many top modern clinics and other buildings, nearly three miles of roads, and 54 acres of land, the University Hospital is almost like a small city within the city.

First-Rate Medical Services - Because We Care
Essen University Hospital offers medical care, the latest diagnostics and comprehensive therapies that live up to the highest international standards. This led to Essen University Hospital being ranked number 6 among all 35 German university hospitals on the treatment severity index, putting it in the top position for North Rhine-Westphalia. In our work, we focus on three major areas of research and treatment: cardiovascular disease, cancer, and transplants. Extensive networking throughout the University Hospital makes each and every clinic and institute a part of at least one of these focus areas. Essen University Hospital has also made a name for itself in many other fields. Examples of this are the Center for Terminal Heart and Lung Failure, the Perinatal Center, the HIV Outpatient Clinic, the Integrated Stroke Unit, and the Headache Center.

Mission Statement Essen University Hospital