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In the field of organ transplants, Essen University Hospital is among the leading institutions worldwide. The hospital's experience in this area is particularly valuable, as it is one of only a few teaching hospitals that transplant all of the vital organs: kidneys, liver, pancreas, heart, and lungs. Liver transplants are particularly important. Eight of our clinics and four of our institutes are involved in preparing the organ recipient, receiving the donor organ, the transplant procedures, and the subsequent lifelong follow-up care of the organ recipient. Our research is another reason physicians have been able to give more and more people a second life in recent years.

Live organ donation is particularly important to us. This includes, for example, split liver transplants, in which only a part of the liver is removed from the donor and implanted in the recipient. We are striving to enhance further our leading role in this field, to provide even better care of our patients. We see this as essential in increasing the number of transplants, as the willingness to donate organs after death is unlikely to grow in the near future.