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Ladies in Green

The volunteers of the ecumenical hospital service - also referred to as the Ladies (and Gentlemen) in Green because of the color of their jackets - have been active at Essen University Hospital for more than 25 years. The service they provide is one of people helping people. It supports the medical, nursing, therapeutic, and pastoral efforts to make patients feel as good as can reasonably be expected.


Particularly in times of illness, many people are grateful for having someone to talk with, someone who will listen, someone who will help out with small errands.


We are here for the patients of Essen University Hospital on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Please call us at 0201-723-2626 or have your ward's nursing staff contact us.


Interested in Joining the Ladies and Gentlemen in Green Yourself?


Please make an appointment with the pastoral caregivers and our team leader Ursula Hasenjäger to get to know us and our "and potentially your future" work. We offer competent introductory training and supervision, our friendly team meets regularly to exchange views and compare notes, and there are various opportunities for continuing education, free of charge.