Dear colleague, cordially welcome to the intranet pages of the staff council for civil servants. We are pleased you have found your way to us.

The staff council represents the interests of the non-scientific employees of the Universitaetsklinikum Essen. The staff council ensures that there will not be any discrimination on the basis of race, social or ethnic origin, religion, nationality, political opinion, union membership or sexual orientation. We guarantee compliance with laws and regulations (e.g. collective wage agreements, working time law).

The Landespersonalvertretungsgesetz (employee’s representation law of)) North-Rhine Westphalia is the basis of our activities. You can find this law in the pull-down menu on the left side of this page. It describes the tasks and duties of the staff council for civil servants. However, it also shows indirectly where our hands are tied.

The staff council has to be involved – among other issues – in the case of the following measures: hiring, prolongation of contracts of employment, wage classifications, reassignments, applications for part-time work or vacation, rationalization, technology and organization matters, work rota, overtime work, organization of the working places, termination of work, dismissals, job advertisements, formal letters of caution.

Often employees do not call on us until their questions, problems and troubles have become very difficult. We are also at your disposal for your “small” problems and your suggestions and ideas will always be appreciated.

Please, send us a message if you want to be included into our mail distributor so that we can inform you regularly about the work of the staff council. You can also send us your in-house mail postal address or your private postal address so we can send information regularly.