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Finances and Formal Procederes

The Bursar's Office is located in the Administration Building next to the Patient Admissions Office. Here you can pay 28 days' worth of the statutory top-up charge of 10 euros per day of stay. The Bursar's Office is open on Monday to Friday between 07:45 and 13:00 hrs and between 13:45 and 15:00 hrs. You may also pay the amount due by bank transfer to any one of the following accounts: 




Postbank Essen

DE 67 3601 0043 0003 5264 32


Sparkasse Essen

DE 82 3605 0105 0004 9007 00


Any excess amounts paid - due to a shorter stay with us - will be refunded upon discharge. Please retain your receipt. It is accepted as proof of payment(s) to be credited against any further hospital stay(s) during the same calendar year. Should your stay with us end up being longer than planned, please pay the outstanding balance after discharge at the Bursar's Office or by bank transfer to one of the above accounts.

You are exempt from top-up charges if you are under 18 years of age or have recently given birth, if your illness requires semi-inpatient treatment (part-hospitalisation) or your inpatient treatment is being paid for by the statutory government accident insurance scheme.

You may choose to make use of elective benefits, if required. These include personal treatment by the senior consultant, accommodation in a two-bed or single-occupancy room, and accommodation of an accompanying individual. Please agree these elective benefits in writing on the day of arrival at the Patient Admissions Office or with the ward responsible for you if you are admitted directly on the ward. If paying your own medical bills, you are obliged to pay for the benefits and services of which you have availed yourself. On the day you are admitted as an inpatient to UH Essen, please make an advance payment at the Bursar's Office to the value of the estimated charges. The value of this amount is calculated provisionally by your case doctor and by admin staff.