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Telephone, TV and radio To help you feel at home during your stay, your room is also equipped with telephone, radio and TV facilities. Radios are mounted on your bedside table's media console.

For EUR 3.90 per day you can have the benefit of 

  • unlimited telephone calls to all German landlines and mobile numbers (excluding 0800 and premium numbers), 
  • over 20 public and private-sector TV channels, 
  • several Sky channels, including "Sky Bundesliga" (German Premier League), 
  • selected radio stations, 
  • and Internet (if TV has Internet functionality).

For mobile devices such as iPads, Wi-Fi is available and can be booked for an extra EUR 2.50 per day. 

To make calls you need a smart card which can be purchased at the ticket vending machines on the premises. These are located in all major buildings on the UH Essen campus: Administration (LG), OZ I (GR), ENT (LG), Department of Medicine (GR), Radiotherapy Department (GR), Gynaecology Department (foyer), OZ II (GR), Heart Centre (GR) and Paediatric Department (GR). For the location of each building, please refer to the flyer "Everything at a glance": Your guide". The smart card is issued in return for a EUR 4.00 deposit which is fully refundable. Your telephone account may be topped up at the adjacent payment machine using 5, 10 or 20 euro notes.

Information on how to operate the equipment can be found on your bedside table. To enable you and your neighbours to use TV and radio facilities without disturbing each other, sound is channelled through headphones-only in multi-occupancy rooms. They come equipped with a conventional jack-plug. Headphones may be purchased from the vending machines located as per the telephone card vending machines.

We regret that for fire safety reasons the use of patients' own television sets is not permitted.

For further information, please refer to the flyer "TV / Telephone - and more". In the event of any queries, please contact the Rottmeir service team on extension 79 92 or by calling externally on 02 01 / 7 23-79 92.