Possible Topics for Master's Theses

The Centre for Urban Epidemiology offers Bachelor’s and Master’s theses in the context of various research projects. We provide individual supervision and support on various issues such as methodological questions, literature research as well as helping to acquire specialist literature.

Interested students please contact: Prof. Dr. Susanne Moebus, susanne.moebus@uk-essen.de


1. Systematic Literature Review

NOTE: Topic can be chosen depending on interest; idea: Greeness – pollen/allergy – health effects (see also Topic 2), Green space and mental health


2. Cartography as a tool for public health policy

NOTE: very general research area – topic must be more specified


3. Noise protection measures in the Ruhr area (or selected cities); idea: Mapping, what exists and what is being planned


4. Prevention of Lifestyle-induced chronical diseases through mobile self-monitoring applications

NOTE: General research area. Topic must be more specified. Method can be chosen depending on interest.

- Systematic Literature Review

- A qualitative Analysis with users of mobile health applications (Health Apps)