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Research at the University Hospital of Essen

Medical research is increasingly giving us a more sophisticated understanding of disorders, thereby laying the basis for new strategies for highly specific diagnosis and treatment. The most favourable environment for this to happen is where medical science and practice go hand in hand: at the German university hospitals. And this is also true of the University Hospital of Essen (UH Essen): Our three core competencies of research, teaching and patient care make the "Ruhr Urban Area Hospital" a sought-after partner at home and abroad when it comes to medical innovations.

Scientists at the UH Essen Medical Faculty are engaged in sound medical research - both in basic disciplines and in clinical matters. Cross-fertilising these produces fresh diagnosis and treatment methods and, as a result, improved methods in patient care. Each of our clinics and institutes is engaged in at least one core competency - to date, five key research areas have emerged with which the Medical Faculty is positioning itself in the tertiary education environment.

Where it is helpful, patients benefit from such knowledge as early as possible. Nevertheless, each new medication, remedy and treatment procedure must prove its efficacy and tolerance many times over before it is used in patient care. For this reason they are tested in so-called clinical trials under strictly controlled conditions. Careful planning and supervision by experienced medics ensure the best possible quality of care and the protection of patients who take part in these studies. Clinical research thus contributes overall to improving quality of life for all patients - and accordingly it is an integral part of our work at the Medical Faculty and at UH Essen.

The aim of the Research Department at the Medical Faculty is to safeguard and raise the high level of biomedical research by means of continuous improvement and by managing the framework within which it operates. The advancement of junior medics and scientists is a focus of particular attention. Here, the Research Department offers a range of services.

Further informations you will find in our current Research Report of the University of Duisburg-Essen.

Prof Dr Michael Forsting
Associate Dean of Research & Junior Medics & Scientists
Tel.: +49 (0) 201-723-1538
E-Mail: michael.forsting@uk-essen.de