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Clinic for Particle Therapy (WPE)

Prof. Dr. med. Beate Timmermann


Prof. Dr. med. Beate Timmermann




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Key aspects
At present: Treatment of localized tumors in the area of head, spine and pelvis (thus, in particular brain tumors and sarcoma of skull base, facial bones, spine and pelvis) and also of childhood tumors not having been pre-irradiated.

At the Clinic for Particle Therapy there are four treatment rooms. Three of these have a gantry which allows the beam to be rotated by 360° around the patient, and in combination with rotations of the treatment couch this enables the selection of the most favourable irradiation directions. The fourth treatment room is equipped with a horizontal beam line and an eye treatment facility. The Clinic for Particle Therapy was put into operation in May 2013. The second room was opened in April 2014.

A patient transfer system will enable positioning both comfortably and accurately. There are several imaging systems at the Clinic for Particle Therapy to 3-dimensionally optimize the therapy, including ultrasound, computed and MR-tomography. X-ray and surface detection machines can help to adjust the therapy.

Fields of Research

All treatments, for adults as well as for children, are scientifically monitored in register studies. Most of the patients are treated in multidisciplinary therapy studies. At present, further studies which originate from the Clinic for Particle Therapy will be organized.


7 physicians, including 4 specialists in radiation therapy, 14 physicists, assistants and precision mechanics, 7 radiologic technologists, 5 case manager and clinic specialists