Institute of Neuropathology

Prof. Dr. med. Kathy Keyvani


Kathy  Keyvani, MD, Professor of Neuropathology



Sina Talmelli


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The institute of Neuropathology provides a broad range of clinical services for the University Hospital Essen and for several external hospitals. In 2014 around 3.000 surgical biopsies of the central nervous system and the spine were examined. In addition, there were more than 650 cerebrospinal fluid cytology samples, 250 muscle/nerve biopsies as well as 180 post-mortem examinations, of which 48 were forensic neuropathology cases. Besides traditional diagnostic methods, including cytology, histology, immunohistology/immunocytology as well as electron microscopy we are offering a large spectrum of molecular tests for Surgical Neuropathology. Theses tests either aid the histological diagnosis of brain tumors or are essential for planning enrollment into clinical trials or to decide for the optimum therapeutic regimen.


Major research areas

  • Intraindividual and transgenerational epigenetic effects of exercise on Alzheimer pathology
  • Reelin-dependent transmembrane signaling in AD
  • Ephrin signaling in AD

The Institute of Neuropathology is responsible for teaching gross pathology and histopathology of the nervous system, muscle and peripheral nerve in the Medical School of the University Duisburg-Essen. We provide research opportunities in the laboratory for predoctoral applicants. We further provide six year tracks of residency training in Neuropathology.

Institute members
3 consultants, 1 Neuropathology resident, 1 postdoctoral scientist.