Mission Statement

Peak Performance in Medicine and Humanity
University Hospital Essen, an ideal environment for learning, conducting research and healing patients

This mission statement applies to all employees of the University Hospital Essen and members of the Faculty of Medicine of the University Duisburg-Essen. This statement is designed to provide guidance; it characterizes the self-image of the institution and the goals we work jointly to achieve. 

These goals are:

Research and Teaching
We challenge ourselves to be amongst the top rated Faculties of Medicine. We collaborate with other research teams on both a national and international level. The hospital staff adhere to the defined ethical standards of good clinical and scientific practice. Our employees also strive to continuously improve the quality of our educational and training program. Our research is centered on the welfare of our patients and ensures optimal diagnostic procedures and therapeutic regimes. 

Patient Care
Our staff aims to understand and appreciate each case to determine the best approach when interacting with patients and their families. We value the individuality of our patients and provide medical and nursing care at the highest level. The medical personnel strive to inform and cooperate with our patients, while seeking to improve their long-term health. Patient care is further supported thanks to the trustworthy cooperation of our healthcare system partners.

Our interactions are characterized by mutual respect and appreciation, while offering support and motivation. Information is communicated openly and in a timely manner, and our management style is cooperative. We delegate responsibilities according to the abilities and skills of our colleagues. The health of our employees is of great importance, and we support personal development for staff through qualified training and continued education.

Economic Efficiency and Quality Management
We combine an economically efficient and environmentally conscious work style with a high-level quality of care. Each and every employee is responsible to ensure the sustainable profitability of our hospital for the future. We regularly monitor outcome parameters and improve the quality of our services and patient care.