Institute of Physiological Chemistry

Prof. Dr. med. Joachim Fandrey

Temp. Managing Director:

Managing Director:

Prof. Dr. med. Joachim Fandrey


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Jacqueline Arnold-Thomas


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Deputy Director:

Prof. Dr. med. Ursula Rauen

Focus areas

The Institute of Physiological Chemistrys scientific work groups focus on mechanisms of cell and tissue damage.

The effects of reactive species of oxygen and nitrogen, of oxygen deprivation, of cold storage, and of mechanical trauma on such damage are studied using models ranging in complexity from chemical systems to cultured cells, perfused organs, patient samples and animal models.

In addition to basic research, the aim is to develop novel therapeutic approaches.


Fields of Research

  • Investigation of liver, bowel, and other organ damage caused by ischemia and subsequent reperfusion
  • Investigation of tissue damage in trauma and shock
  • Studies of cold induced apoptosis
  • Studies of nitrogen monoxide transport by nitroso compounds and of nitrogen monoxide release by physiological metabolites
  • Investigation of the kryopreservation of critical cell types
  • Development of an organ protective solution for transplant medicine and cardiac surgery
  • Development of protective solutions for isolated cells and tissues for use in biotechnology
  • Development of anti-oxidants with iron complexing and hydrogen peroxide degrading properties
  • Development of nano capsules as artificial oxygen carriers (blood replacement) 



The Institute employs 18 physicians and scientists and 16 other employees.