The application process consists of a two-step process.

For the first step of the application process, the documents mentioned under point 1-8 must be submitted.

For the second step of the application process, you must submit the documents under point 9-12. You will receive these documents from us when the first step was successful.


1.       A cover letter including the qualification, motivation and scientific interests 

          as well as an idea of the applicant’s further career

2.       A tabular curriculum vitae

3.       Evidence that the criteria mentioned in § 5 of the “PhD-Ordnung der

          Medizinischen Fakultät der Universität Duisburg-Essen” are met (in legally

          atested form)

4.       Certificate that proofs the qualification for higher education (in legally

          attested form)

5.       Certificate attesting the English language proficiency

6.       Statement on the preliminary topic signed by the supervisors

7.       Statement about the intended field of the dissertation as well as a rough

          dissertation proposal

8.       Two letters of recommendation focusing on the previous academic

          achievements as well as the qualification for scientific work


In an entrance interview the applicant states his or her motivation and qualification for the PhD study program. The interview can also be conducted via telecommunication (see also Downloads: implementation regulations).


9.     Request for the approval to the PhD-Program

10.   Declaration on previous failed attempts for a PhD

11.   Declaration that the participation in the PhD-Program and the supervision

        was not based on any financial and non-financial provisions or other aid

        provided by third parties that are relevant to the examination procedures,

        unlawful and unacceptable

12.   Signed statement of the supervisors that supervision will be continued even

        when the workplace changes



Postal applications go to the

Institut für Medizinische Informatik, Biometrie und Epidemiologie (IMIBE)

Fabian Standl

Hufelandstr. 55

D- 45147 Essen


Electronic applications go to


Only complete applications will be considered.

Applications via Mail will only be considered if the complete application consist of a single PDF-file.

Application period: September 1st till November 30th


Applicants from outside Germany must credibly convince in a short statement how the participation on the PhD-studies will be ensured.