The ZKE advises on research projects that are to be planned or are already taking place, whereby the involvement of the ZKE in the planning phase of the project is most effective. The ZKE adheres to "Good Epidemiological Practice" (GEP) and "Good Clinical Practice" (GCP). The ZKE explicitly opposes the dichotomisation of p-values (significant versus not significant) and has presented its reasons for this in several international publications. For consultations, please fill in the form . You will then be offered a consultation appointment.


Important remarks regarding counseling at ZKE:

  1. We council according to current standards of biometric and epidemiological research.
  2. The accuracy and quality of the data is your responsibility.
  3. The use of our institutional name for publications, presentations or other documents requires our approval. Any publication of results that were part of the consulting activities need to be communicated to the ZKE at least two weeks prior to the submission date.
  4. ZKE co-authorship should follow the rules of good scientific practice. Details regarding co-authorship should be part of the first consultancy appointment.
  5. Please take into account that counseling should ideally start before data assessment.
  6. Please take care to submit anonymized or pseudonymized data only to protect privacy of the study participants. You can use ID numbers instead of names for matters of re-identification after counselling activities. In case of uncertainty regarding data privacy please ask your advisor.