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Foreign Patients

Foreign cancer patients who present to the West German Cancer Center, University Hospital Essen, are offered expert consultation, diagnostics and cancer treatment (outpatient and inpatient). Please be advised that we do not consult via the internet, by e-mail or telephone. For inquiries regarding the planning and organization of a patient consultation at the Department of Medical Oncology, please contact 

Outpatient consultation and treatment, general inquiries foreign patients:

Dagmar Kolomak

Phone +49 – 201 – 723 6163

Fax +49 – 201 – 723 2534 

E-mail dagmar.kolomak@uk-essen.de

Inpatient treatment and diagnostics:

Nicole Karras

Phone +49-201-723 1640

Ilona Hildebrandt

Phone +49-201-723 3167

E-mail  foreign-patient-service@uk-essen.de