Vortragsreihe Stammzellforschung (donnerstags 17.15 Uhr)

Seminarraum, Robert-Koch-Haus, Virchowstraße 179, 45147 Essen



25.04.2013 Dr. David Williams
  Reprogramming as potential future therapeutic option for gene correction in Fanconi


08.11.2012 Dr. Vincent van den Boom
Differential requirement of Polycomb proteins in normal hematopoiesis and leukemia
08.11.2012 Dr. Hein Schepers
CITED2 Modulates Differentiation and Proliferation of Normal and Leukemic Hematopoietic Stem and Progenitor Cells Downstream of PU.1
22.08.2012 Prof. Dr. Louise Purton
Identifying Intrinsic and Extrinsic Regulation of HSCs and their Resulting Therapies
12.07.2012 Prof. Dr. Marca Wauben
Immune cell-derived vesicles: small messengers with great potential


15.09.2011 Dr. med. Jens Benninghoff
From bench to brain, stem cells and psychiatry
04.08.2011 Dr. Katharina Fleischhauer
Exploiting alloreactivity for celluar immunotherapy of leukemia
09.06.2011 Dr. Andreas Krüger
Regulation of early T cell development
19.05.2011 Dr. Michael Milsom
Lost in transplantation: Fanconi anemia as a model of defective stem cell maintenance
12.05.2011 PD Dr. Frank Edenhofer
Exploring novel pathways of cellular reprogramming for medical therapies
28.04.2011 PD Dr. Olaf Penack
Neovascularization and its inhibition during allogeneic stem cell transplantation
10.03.2011 Dr. Stefan Raunser
Cryo electron microscopy and beyond


16.12.2010 Dr. Joachim Göthert
The two faces of the SCL/LMO interaction: stem cell emergence and leukemogenesis
25.11.2010 Dr. Zoltan Ivics
Harnessing transposable elements as tools for genome manipulation in vertebrates
21.10.2010 Prof. Dr. Jens Fischer
Proteoglycans and hyalurons: tissue architecture and cell biology
07.10.2010 Dr. Dagmar Wirth
Conditional immortalization for controlled expansion of cells
26.08.2010 Dr. Mirko HH Schmidt
The dual role of the novel non-canonical Notch ligand EGFL7 in angiogenesis and neurogenesis
12.08.2010 Prof. Dr. Hartmut Geiger
Regulation of stem cell mobilization by EGFR signaling: from mice to the clinic
22.07.2010 Prof. Dr. Dirk Lindemann
Foamy viruses: from basic biology to viral gene transfer systems
24.06.2010 Dr. Thorsten Döppner
Sustained survival of transplanted TAT-Bcl-xL transduced neural precursor cells reduces infarct size and improves functional outcome after cerebral ischemia in mice
10.06.2010 Prof. Dr. Helmut Hanenberg
Gene therapy of hematopoietic stem cells
22.04.2010 Prof. Dr. Joachim Fandrey
Detecting hypoxia - structure and function of cellular oxygen sensors
15.04.2010 Dr. Daniel Speidel
Understanding and modulating the outcome of cellular DNA damage responses
08.04.2010 Dr. Hannes Klump
Converting pluripotent stem cells into blood - HOXB4 mediated stem cell tuning
25.03.2010 Dr. Verdon Taylor
Unraveling the neural stem cell niche
11.03.2010 Dr. Philipp Koch
From pluripotency to neuropotency to functional integration
18.02.2010 Frau Hanna Eilken, PhD
Continuous observation and single cell analysis of hematopoiesis from endothelium
28.01.2010 Prof. Dr. Perihan Nalbant
Dynamic microscopy of cellular processes and Rho GTPase activity during cell migration


03.12.2009 PD Dr. Matthias Keller
Regenerative Therapiestrategien zur Verminderung des Hirnschadens bei Neu- und Frühgeborenen: Herausforderung und Wirklichkeit
12.11.2009 PD Dr. Bernd Giebel
Self renewal versus differentiation of human somatic cells
08.10.2009 PD Dr. Alexander von Holst
Neural stem cells in the intact and diseased brain
24.09.2009 Prof. Dr. Dr. Wolfgang Wagner
Aging and long-term culture have related effects on human mesenchymal stromal cells
10.09.2009 Prof. Dr. Dirk Hermann
Restaurative effects of adult neural precursor cells in ischemic stroke
27.08.2009 PD Dr. Reinhard Henschler
Regulation of migration, adhesion and homing of multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells