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Our projects focus on the mechanisms of cell and tissue injury. Using various models with different levels of complexity - chemical systems, cultured cells, perfused organs, patient samples and animal models - the mechanisms of cell and tissue injury by reactive oxygen and nitrogen species (free radicals), by oxygen deficiency (ischemia and reperfusion), as well as by mechanical trauma are studied. Apart from basic research, the major goal is to develop new therapeutic strategies.

Current projects:

  •     Studies on injury of liver, intestine and other organs by ischemia and subsequent reperfusion
  •     Studies on tissue injury by trauma and shock
  •     Studies on the transport of nitrogen monoxide by nitroso compounds and on its release by physiological metabolites
  •     Development of a preservation solution for transplantation medicine and cardiac surgery
  •     Development of antioxidants with iron-chelating and hydrogen peroxide-degrading properties (catalase mimics)
  •     Development of nano- and microcapsules for the use of artificial oxygen carriers (blood substitutes)