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The working group neurooncology

The interdisciplinary working group neurooncology that consists of members of certificated clinics of the University Clinic of Essen plays a very exposed part to make sure that you get oncological treatment on the highest level concerning the latest medical findings.

Prof. Dr. U. Sure / OA PD Dr. N. El Hindy

Clinic for Neurosurgery

Prof. Dr. M. Stuschke / PD Dr. C. Pöttgen

Clinic for Radiation and Tumor

Prof. Dr. M. Schuler / OA Dr. J. Hense

Clinic for Internal Medicine and Tumor

Prof. Dr. C. Kleinschnitz / Prof. Dr. M. Glas


Prof. Dr. M. Forsting


Prof. Dr. K. Keyvani


Prof. Dr. B. Scheffler

Translationale Onkologie mit Schwerpunkt Neuroonkologie

Brain tumor studies are also offered in this field in cooperation with the NOA: Neurooncological working team of the German Cancer Society and the EORCT: European Society for Research and Treatment of Cancer and the pharmacological industry.
Our study centre will gladly give you information.
The research results of this neurooncology working group are regularly published in special medical journals.