A handbook "Evaluating the impact of nature-based solutions"

A new handbook published by the European Commission to help decision-makers and practitioners develop scientifically-valid monitoring and evaluation plans for the evaluation of nature-based solutions (NbS) was launched last Wednesday, the 5th of May, with contributions from 17 EU-funded NbS projects and collaborating institutions.


Dr. Julita Skodra, as a member of the European Taskforce for NBS Impact Assessment (NBS TF2), contributed to several sections of the handbook and was a coordinating lead author of the Chapter 2 (Principles guiding NbS performance and impact evaluation). She has contributed to the interdisciplinary discussions with theoretical underpinnings from Urban Public Health and sustainable development along with the practical experience on NbS monitoring and impact assessment from the EU funded CLEVER Cities project.


The handbook provides a robust set of indicators and methodologies to assess the impacts of nature-based solutions across 12 societal challenge areas.

1. Climate Resilience

2. Water Management

3. Natural and Climate Hazards

4. Green Space Management

5. Biodiversity

6. Air Quality

7. Place Regeneration

8. Knowledge and Social Capacity Building for Sustainable Urban Transformation

9. Participatory Planning and Governance

10. Social Justice and Social Cohesion

11. Health and Well-being

12. New Economic Opportunities and Green Jobs


The new handbook is available for download here and an appendix with an additional set of indicators here.