SALVE+ Application of psycho- and ecoacoustic indices to the urban soundscape of the city of Bochum. Analysis of spatially and temporally high-resolution audio recordings.

SALVE+ is a cooperation project between InUPH and the Institute of Fluid Mechanics and Technical Acoustics at the TU Berlin. It represents the follow-up project of the SALVE project.

Sustainability requires an enormous densification of cities in the future, which is hardly conceivable without an increase in sounds - mostly in the form of noise. In order to achieve acceptance for future densification, quality, acoustically pleasant urban spaces are required. In this context, the assessment of complex sound events and their effect on human health is indispensable for the development of quality acoustic urban spaces. For the upcoming transformation of cities into sustainable and health-promoting places, the design of such quality acoustic spaces will play an important role for the acceptance of dense urban spaces. For this purpose, approaches of classical noise abatement measures are mandatory, but not sufficient. Within the SALVE+ project, parameters from psychoacoustics will be calculated for the comprehensive data set of the SALVE project in order to evaluate the quality of the urban acoustic environment.


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