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Institute of Medical Psychology

Managing Director:

Prof. Dr. rer. biol. hum. Dipl.-Psych.Manfred Schedlowski




Ute Hackert, May Schäflein


+49 (0) 201-723-45 00


+49 (0) 201-723-59 48




Focus areas

The focus of our research is on the analysis of the functional connections between the nervous system, the hormonal system, and the immune system. We study the effects of behavior on the functions of the immune system and which psychological and biochemical mechanisms mediate them. We analyze the role of these behavioral effects on maintaining good health and on the development and progress of diseases.


Research, current projects

  • Classical conditioning of immune functions
  • Central nervous and afferent mechanisms in classical conditioning of immunological functions
  • Role of central neurotransmitters in the regulation of peripheral immune functions
  • Neurobiology of the placebo effect
  • Processing of visceral pain signals in the central nervous system fMRT studies of visceral hyperalgesia in irritable bowel syndrome patients and healthy volunteers
  • Changes of the neuro immune axis in functional and chronic inflammatory bowel diseases
  • peripheral mechanisms of visceral hyperalgesia
  • Chronic stress and depression in women at cardiovascular risk - importance of neuroendocrine and immunological changes



There are 6 scientists employed at the Institute.