Welcome to the homepage of the Institute of Medical Psychology and Behavioral Immunobiology

... how it all began
The Institute of Medical Psychology was founded in 1978 with the appointment of Prof. Dr. K.-H Staecker and is one of the pre-clinical Departments of the University Hospital Essen. Since October 1997, Prof. Dr. Manfred Schedlowski is the Director of the Institute. In 2007 the Institute was renamed into Institute of Medical Psychology and Behavioral Immunobiology. The research focus of the Institute are in the areas of the Psychoneuroimmunology, Pschoneuroendokrinology, Pain Research and the Neurobiology of the Placebo Response.

The Institute offers various courses for medical students attending the preclinical semesters, including seminars and lectures on topics including the fundamentals of medical psychology and sociology, research methods, patient-doctor-relationship, and stress & behavior.